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Supports .NET Framework 4.x, Windows Forms, Xamarin.Mac, ASP.NET, Mono, WPF, Xamarin iOS and Android, Universal Windows Platform, .NET Core 2.x/3.x and .NET Standard 2.x

Cross-platform PDF development

Per developer licensing with royalty free distribution

License starts at US$299


I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a great product. I've found your product very easy to use, which led me to purchase your cross-platform edition even though I already owned a competing .net PDF library.

the author of TouchDraw

About Us XFINIUM.PDF library for Windows Forms, Console Applications and Windows Services XFINIUM.PDF library for Mono XFINIUM.PDF library for Windows Presentation Foundation XFINIUM.PDF library for Universal Windows Platform XFINIUM.PDF library for Xamarin.iOS XFINIUM.PDF library for Xamarin.Android
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  Several samples can be seen and run directly in the browser. Click on the 'Run online' button below and a samples browser application will open in a new page. Click on any sample in the left menu to see its code, either in C# or VB.NET. The 'Run sample' button lets you run the sample and download the generated PDF file.
The sample source code is portable and it can be run without changes on any platform supported by XFINIUM.PDF library.
Sample applications for all supported platforms are included in all the install kits available for download in the DOWNLOADS page.

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