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Low and high level PDF inspection

Syntax highlighting for content streams

Tree style display for PDF structure

Multiple PDF content explorers

Standard license is free


I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a great product. I've found your product very easy to use, which led me to purchase your cross-platform edition even though I already owned a competing .net PDF library.

the author of TouchDraw

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  Application overview   Structure explorer with details view for selected object
  Structure explorer with content stream view, syntax highlighting and info tips for PDF operators   Structure explorer with content stream view and section folding for paired operators
  Structure explorer with image stream displayed as decoded image    
  Pages explorer with rendered page   Page boxes and page rotation indicator
  List of page objects with selected object highlighted on the page   List of page objects. Selected object is also selected on the page and selected corner in object properties pane is highlighted with a red dot. The tooltip displays the position in PDF and display coordinates.
  Bounding rectangle is displayed for text object selected in the list. Text corners are marked with red dots and position information is displayed in the tooltip.   Position of each glyph in the selected text object is displayed on the page using the red dots.